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A story of FOTIQA

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About us

FOTIQA™ was born because of the need for high-quality, affordable, lightweight backdrops that won't break your back 

Our backdrops Design for Desktop Photography or videography, such as commercial advertisements, restaurants, food shops, books, magazines, daily shooting and recording. 

These amazing backdrops are printed on a 100% waterproof, non-glare,with Weight 200gram covered with plastic film substrate. Virtually indestructible, they're amazingly lightweight, easy to clean, and completely stain resistant. It can be stored inside its tube They anywhere so you don't need to build a shed to house them. If you're on the go, you can carry carry them and shoot anywhere. Durable and long-lasting, they're proudly Made in the UAE by MOUTASEM ACADEMY.

So, here's the thing: you can buy a board from somewhere else, that's not waterproof, for more money -- or purchase Best Ever Backdrops and do what you do best -- create!

Aside from the backdrops, check out the unique accessories and props to help you achieve your best shot. There's Unbreakable Slate Trays and amazing plates and platters curated from textures in the backdrop collection so you can mix & match -- and coordinate your props to make your styling POP even more.

All of the products on the site include FREE SHIPPING within the 48 in UAE... and international ship within 3-10 Days. Nothing is ever out of stock. Or out of style. 

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